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Copylibs and copylibstask.jar NetBeans 6.5RC1

Just a quick one. I currently have several projects which all rely on 1 project as a global library so the same jar versions are used across the board.

This was working fine until 6.5RC1 came along. NetBeans would seemingly randomly create a CopyLibs folder with a copylibtask.jar within my library project. Not accidentally committing this to SVN has been a pain.

Seems it’s all down to using the embedded ant. Since I’ve changed this to use the external ant, the problem has disappeared (so far! – will update this if it reoccurs).


Tools -> Options -> Miscellaneous -> Ant -> Change Ant Home to point to an external ant (preferably 1.7.1)


November 4, 2008 at 11:54 am Leave a comment